1. Those that behave badly are rejected and frozen out by their community. Thus they want a better life. They become refugees and seek a successful country. Thus you have a selection of bad people.

2. If you are in a shit school and the headmaster says, if you start fighting you will go to a much better school. What do you think that does to the motivation to keep peace? Thus the assylum system causes people to be motivated to fight.

3.All cultures are not equal. The nazi culture is bad, for example. The bad cultures causes torture and thus refugees. The bad cultures spread to nice cultures, and thus also become bad. Majorities decide in democracies. Do you want all countries to be bad? Then there will not be any nice countries to flee to.

4. If the entire world of people were made of ethnic Swedes, then I would still be against refugees. Bad cultures and bad people are not dependent on the race, but what you pick up as knowledge when you grow up.

7 November 2018

Women are destructive. The want to detroy what is beautiful and strong. That is just thier feelings.

For example,

1. Sweden is a beatiful strong country. Women in general in Sweden want to accept refugees with bad cultures so that when they are in majority Sweden is destoryed as a good country. The majority usually rules, and if the majority is with a bad culture then the whole country is bad.

2. Decay of genepool. When children with genetic diseases are saved and have children in their turn, the proportion of the number of people with genetic diseases increases all the time. For example schizophrenia. The reason it increases is that while having children with genetic diseases does not on its own increase the proportion, but in combination wiht natural mutation, then the increase is fact. When the whole society has genetic traits of schizophrenia, then it is clear that the society is very bad, since all the idiots cannot rule the society, and everyone suffers. Thus it is in the idiots own long term interest not to have children, since in the long term the idiots will suffer by ruling with thier unwise decisions. But idiots do not know their own best. The worst gift you can give a child is a genetic disease in present. One has to adopt a healthy baby from Africa for example instead. One can also have voluntary genetic counceling (originator of idea, as far I know, John S Wilkins, au, https://evolvingthoughts.net/author/jswilkins/ ) to give the advice I have just given and convince the parents to be wise in these matters.

3. Dangerous technology. Genetic engineering is dangerous technolgy. One can for example create a virus that spreads quickly and kills a lot of people. Crazy scientists can actually do that. What is needed is regulation not to sell the equipment of genetic engineering to any and all. But this regulation in not there because of women, proabbly. They want all us humans to die from a deadly virus, that is just their feelings. It is not their fautlt, though. That is just the way they are, and they have to undrerstand themself to prevent that disaster happens.

On the other hand, women are good at motivating men to do their best. They can pressurize men really hard. They can entice men with sex. They can provide essential words of comfort for men who are sad. They can read characters of people very well, much better than men, so they can pick the best for a task. They understand what motivates people, and motivation is everything.

Written by Per Trydell. (c) 2018

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, one must remember that long term motivations is a factor that is important. We want to teach people to work for a leadership that plans and looks ahead. If people know they cannot flee from a bad situation, they will be more motivated to work for bringing safe futures for themselves and thier friends and family. If people know they can get asylum, they might just ditch efforts to plan for a thriving future. The religions that speak of grace and mercy of God motivates people to behave bad, since they in their hunt for their desires and power feel they can steal, maim, torture and murder to get their short term wish through, knowing that they will be forgiven anyhow. This behaviour will possibly go on in Heaven, and turn Heaven into Hell. Heaven with its magic that may be realized by [black] prayer, is even more dangerous, since hurt by magic is so much more a potent weapon than weapons in this world this was written. It is important that people realize that life is no game, and there are no easy solutions like just fleeing a situation, asking for asylum. If there were no asylum in the world's countries, people would work out deals to move out of troubling areas, like an insurance. 2022-03-10 18:53

Regarding Pers fria AA Paradis, just because one feels sorry for people in Hell or Heaven (were war is with magic), or people in this world destined to those spaces, one should absolutley not let them in 2022-04-29 04:21

Law of "Same-same but different": If NN have tried or done something of harm to a target, then NN will suffer the same as a sentence to be executed. 2022-08-27 19:16

There are signs that the Universe might be conscious. A conscious Universe could explain magic, mysterious coincidences in language numerology, why prayers are sometimes answered. Remember a conscious Universe does not necessarily imply a God or Gods, a Devil or Devils. The natural explanation can be as simple as beings in our Universe spread thier consciousness to the Universe as a whole. Remember that beings are observers, and observers play a crucial role in quantum physics which are a crucial part of the Laws of Physics. This explanation is far more credible than a God of Israel, for example. Quantum physics dictate that the observer role acts from a distance, and this distance may very well be the explanation why conscious beings make the universe conscious as a whole, plus other universes with a connection. 2022-12-04 00:17 We continue to learn. 2022-12-04 00:19